You can order pie from me through the end of July! Pick-ups are July 18th, 25th & August 1st! Get yer orders in ASAP! Check out how to order here! I put together a few of my favorite summer pies, and would love to put them in your mouth one more (and maybe last?) time!

Click here! Do it!!

In September 2014, I will be moving to Portland, OR to attend culinary school! This, sadly, is the end for Riki Tiki Pies (at least for now.) I’m not quite sure where the future will take me after school, but I do know that the past few years have been rockin’. I’ve been able to feed so many people pie, and am honored to have been the local pie-maker the past two years. I’ve received so much love & support from loyal customers, businesses, friends & family. You’re all amazing. Thank you so much, and hopefully I’ll be able to make you all pie again someday.

I wrote a big long blog post about Ypsilanti, beezy’s, and making pie. There’s lots of pictures and big emotions, and I’d love for you to read it.

Love, pie & ypsi 4evz,

Theresa/Riki Tiki/Pie Lady


Riki Tiki Pies is run by Theresa Rickloff out of beezy’s cafe. Fueled by caffeine, bourbon, community, beezy’s & a mad love for making crust.

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